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The Library and Documentation Unit was established in the year 1979 and developed information resources. The total collection is 14,000 comprising of books, bound volume of journals, maps, atlases, reports, theses, conference proceedings, etc. The library subscribes to 15 Foreign Journals and 26 Indian journals. The five regional centers located at Bangalore, Delhi, Jorhat, Kolkata and Udaipur are also attached with small technical libraries with core collection of regional interest.

The main objectives of the Unit are :

  • To function as an effective soil information system to cater the information needs of soil scientists.
  • To collect, store, synthesise and monitor information on soils.
  • To procure relevant scientific and technical information resources on all aspects of soil survey and land use planning.
  • To establish bibliographic database for storing and retrieving information.
  • To maintain liaison with national and international organizations for exchange of information.

The library’s main objective is to acquire all pertinent information resources, and to organize it to meet the current and future needs of soil survey programmes. In addition to acquisition of conventional literature like books, scientific/technical journals, an effort is made to trace and acquire all non-conventional literature such as annual reports, soil survey reports and agricultural statistical data pertaining to all states.

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